The „MediaStrobo“ is a computer-based endoscopy workstation that has especially been adapted to the necessities of otorhinolaryngology. The devices include a computer especially equipped for medical video applications, the “MediaStrobo” software, an integrated camera as well as a flash-stroboscope. Via this software these components are optimally linked and controlled in the best possible way.

During the development it was carefully observed that the software can easily and intuitively be used to ensure a smooth integration into everyday practice. Beside the extremely easy diagnosing, “MediaStrobo” has several edit and evaluation functions, from automatic generation of diagnostic letters of findings to video export.

Both, the integrated database as well as the media administration help keep the necessary overview at any time.       

VICA, the innovative “Video Image Correction and Analysing” technology, is available. It enables varied optimizations and analysis on the Live-Video-Stream.